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General Information and Policies

We accept all primary book resources that are used for Tapestry of Grace. Before you mail your books to us, you must fill out our online submission form with the necessary information. After we have processed your submission form, you will receive an email that should be printed and put in the package you send to Bookshelf Central. This email will also tell you the tentative dollar amount you will receive for your books. You will receive a set percentage as stated in the retail pricing structure (below). Shipping books to Bookshelf Central will be done at your expense. After processing the shipment, your payment will be in the form of a gift certificate sent to your email address which is available for you to use at any time.


Retail Pricing Structure

Condition Description What you receive
Like New (LN) Has no defects whatsoever 30% of retail price
Very Good (VG) Has pristine pages but may have a slight bend in a corner of the cover or a slight crease in the spine 25% of retail price
Good (G) Has pages that seem used (but not written in) and may have damage to the cover or spine, but no damage too significant 20% of retail price
Acceptable (A) Has pages that are written in or the book looks visibly worn with a cursory glance. Please describe how many pages are written in and the type of wear and tear on the book(s) in the comments section of your online submission. 15% of retail price
Very Old (VO) Heavily aged/worn with yellowed or torn pages $0.25 per book

Special Note:

If you want to donate your books to families in need, please indicate so using the option in the online submission form. We will then offer them at no charge to qualifying families.

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