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How do I track my order and how long will it take to arrive at my doorstep?

Each morning at 8:00 a.m. (EST), we import orders from the previous business day. The first orders that we pack are those that are some type of expedited shipping, followed by all others. Pickup time varies somewhat, so it is usually two to three business days from the time we import orders (usually the next business day after you place your order) until it leaves our warehouse. During the summer, it usually takes longer.

Time in-transit:

Find your information below based on location (United States, APO, or International) For exact price quotes, you can begin the process of placing your order at Bookshelf Central, and it will give you the shipping option prices for your purchase on the checkout page (before you actually confirm and place the order).

Shipping Choices:

*Note that if you have qualified for free shipping, Bookshelf Central will typically use Media Mail.

Type Price range Time period
Media Mail:
(US Post Office)
Less expensive, but unpredictable Anywhere between 2-4 weeks
Priority Mail:
(US Post Office)
More expensive, but much faster Typically 4-7 business days
UPS Most expensive, but fast and reliable Varies depending on your choice

Can I get expedited in-house processing?

Yes! Please write this into the comments section at checkout. You will be charged an additional $5; we will need to contact you via phone for your credit card information. Note that if you have chosen any 2-3 day shipping method, your order is already getting expedited in-house shipping.

What is your return policy?

We want to give all our customers the most "risk-free" shopping experience we can. For this reason, we try to make returns as simple as possible. We want to give you as much information as possible up front so that you can make the best decision for your family.

  • All returns should be called into our customer service department (1-844-479-0738) to review the criteria and receive a returns claim number to include in the package. Any returns which we receive without a claim number are not guaranteed to be accepted and will be charged a 10% restocking fee.
  • Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. Returns should be mailed to:
         Bookshelf Central
         1133 N. Eastman Rd.
         Kingsport, TN 37664
  • All decisions regarding returns are at the sole discretion of Bookshelf Central.

*Please note that if you bought books from the "Dent and Ding" sale, they are non-returnable.

There are several criteria we take into consideration when accepting returns:

  • Time since purchase
  • Condition of merchandise
  • How many returns you have made in the last quarter or year
  • Any "Dent and Ding" Sale items cannot be returned.

Time since purchase:

We calculate these criteria based on the ship date of your package to the date of your phone call for a returns claim number. If this time period is less than 30 days, you will be granted a full refund (**provided your return meets the other criteria). If this time period is more than 30 days, but less than six months, we may still accept the return, with the following distinctions:

  • We will charge a 15% restocking fee.
  • No returns accepted after six months from date of purchase.
  • We will not accept books which have gone out of print.
  • Read information below about how we will accept books that are not in mint condition.

Condition of Merchandise

**Customers are responsible for packaging well! For books not in mint condition, we will grant a 40-60% refund. If a product was originally delivered in damaged condition, that must be noted in the customer's phone call when requesting a returns claim number. If a product returns to us damaged with no claim number, we will not grant a full refund!

How many returns you have made in the last quarter or year

We use boxes, packing material, and man power to pack your order. If you have repeated returns, a restocking fee may apply at our discretion.

What is your backorder policy?

(Please note that because of shipping charges, this policy applies to United States and APO customers only. We will cancel all out-of-stock books from International orders.)

We do our best to keep all of our books in stock, but sometimes a book will be on backorder from the publisher, or for some reason hasn't arrived yet at our warehouse. If this happens, we will automatically send you your backordered title(s) within 30 days. The package will be sent via USPS First Class when possible, USPS Media Mail, or, if the backordered items are valued greater than $500.00, UPS Ground.

If you have special instructions, please note that in the comments section at checkout. Some examples would be:

  • "I don't mind waiting up to two weeks just in case something is currently out of stock."
  • "I'm starting school on August 1, 2011 and need my books at least a week ahead of time. If you need to bump up my shipping to UPS instead of media mail, please contact me for my credit card information."
  • "I don't mind accepting damaged books if you have them available."
  • "I'm going to be out of town over this holiday weekend, so please be sure you don't ship so that the books arrive on my doorstep while I'm out of town."

How do I cancel or change my order?

Currently, if you desire to change or cancel your order, we are willing to help you do so provided that your order has not been processed.

  • Want to totally cancel your order?
    If your order has not left the warehouse, but has been processed through our shipping department, you will be responsible for the shipping costs that Bookshelf Central has incurred.
  • Want to change a portion of your order?
    Just call us at 423-765-2833 option 5 and let us know. We'll tell you what your options are at that point, depending on where your order is in the shipping process.
  • If your order has left our warehouse, we are unable to change or cancel your order at all.

Contact todd@bookshelfcentral.com with your changes or cancellations, along with your phone number. We will call you to confirm your changes.

What types of discounts do you offer?

Our listed prices

The pricing you see on our website reflects the least amount that we can charge for individual titles, based upon the prices that we are charged from the publishers. The majority of the time, this is below what you will find through other online vendors. Occasionally you will find that this will not be true, but when your order is totaled at checkout, you will typically find that your total order is less than your total order elsewhere.

Damaged Books

We have limited quantities of damaged books available. If you are interested in saving 5-80%, put "I will accept damaged copies" in the comments section at checkout. You will then be charged the full amount, but when we process your order, we will refund your charge card or PayPal account for the discounted items. If you have previously qualified for FREE SHIPPING, this free shipping option may or may not still apply. If this is an issue, please note it in the comments section as well.

Shipping discounts

Any order purchased within the continental United States that has a minimum of $200.00 qualifies for free shipping via USPS Media Mail; $500.00 or more qualifies for UPS Ground (no PO box addresses if you would like UPS Ground). If your order does not qualify, this option will not appear on your screen.

Monthly or seasonal specials

Each month we will have special titles that will be discounted. Most of the time these will be titles that go along with Tapestry of Grace, but will occasionally be special ones such as Easter, Mother's Day, or Christmas selections. We will have occasional promotional sales as well. Check our Facebook page for these deals! You can find us here.

Quantity discounts

If you are a co-op member, or member of another group and wish to receive a quantity discount, note the small box at the bottom of each description. It will tell you the percentage discount that will apply to that particular title. This discount is automatically configured and you do not need to call in or get a special code. However, there are a few titles that we are unable to discount, and the description will reflect that there is no quantity discount available.

What do I do if I can't find a resource listed in my Tapestry year-plan?

Go to the Tapestry of Grace website, mouse over "Curriculum" in the menu bar, then click "Book Updates." Or, follow this easy link. You'll find a handy chart that will help you see which books have gone out-of-print and what the new titles are.

How do I choose resources?

What are Primary or Alternate resources?

In your Tapestry year-plan, each week-plan has two pages of Reading Assignment Charts.

  • The left page is the chart of primary resources. The assignments from Tapestry's primary resources are specially chosen to be a sufficient amount of work for each level: not too much, and not too little. Most of the time, grammar level primary resources are easily substituted (with slight adaptations for literature). However, dialectic and rhetoric primary resources are nearly always tied to the questions in the Student Activity Pages.
  • On the right page is a chart of alternate, or extra, resources. Every single title listed on this chart is optional. These resources are great for families who want to expand their year-plan or want to use titles that are already on their shelves or readily available at the library. Teachers of dialectic and rhetoric students who rely on these alternates may have to adapt some portions of the week-plan.

What is the difference between core and in-depth history?

The first row on the primary page of the Reading Assignment Charts is called history: core. These are the resources that give the student a broad picture of the learning objectives (threads) for the week. The second row is entitled history: in-depth. These resources help the student to see the finer details of the broad picture. Resources in both rows help the student to gain a full understanding of the week's theme. The majority of the time, Accountability and Thinking Questions for dialectic and rhetoric students are pulled from resources listed in both rows. When you are shopping at Bookshelf Central, you'll find that the titles for both rows are in the category called history. Whether a title is core or in-depth is not distinguished because both are necessary for total learning. Additionally, sometimes a title will be in the core row one week and in the in-depth row in another week. Occasionally, there are units in some year-plans which have distinct paths for core and in-depth. For instance, sometimes a core book will represent U.S. History because that is in the forefront for that unit, while European history may be in-depth so that students can understand the finer points of World History. Read your unit introduction for further details regarding the designations for core and in-depth history assignments for that unit.

How do I choose when I can't afford to buy them all?

Begin with prayer, and, with a mutual decision from your spouse, set your buying budget. Then check out which primary titles you already have on your shelves. If you have decided to utilize your local library, see what is available to you there. With your budget in mind, choose books for your oldest students first. Your best investment is to choose books that are used for 5+ weeks and then proceed to titles that are used less often. Complete your buying list for your oldest students, and then progress to your younger students, again, purchasing first those that are used for 5+ weeks and proceeding to those used less often. Remember that it is easiest to substitute titles for grammar levels, and that if you decide to use alternate titles instead of primary ones, you may have to do a bit of adapting (more so for dialectic or rhetoric students).

How much should I purchase at once?

This differs depending on your family's situation and your planning preferences. We usually recommend purchasing your books unit-by-unit, as this allows you maximum flexibility to make "in-flight" adjustments during your year if you decide to make any changes that affect book choices, such as moving any of your students to a different learning level. We have priced our books so that most unit-by-unit purchases will surpass the $185 free shipping threshold. However, many families prefer to make only one purchase for the school year. We are competitively priced to be the best option for you no matter which way you prefer to buy.

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