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Author: Alcorn, Randy
Unit(s): Y3U4, Y4U1, Y4U2

We have this listed under "Spiritual Enrichment," even though it is a work of fiction. You'll find this story to be inspiring and encourage you to be diligent about the work of the Lord. It's one of our favorites and we think that it will become one of yours too! (Read anytime, but if you want to coordinate it with TOG, read during Year 4 Unit 4.)

"Executive Ben Fielding hits upon a perfect plan: he will make his company millions of dollars by using Chinese labor to manufacture its electronic components. To kickstart his plan, he visits China, where he stays with college roommate Li Quan, whom he hasn't seen in over 20 years. From Li, Ben learns that his initial impressions of China from his research and from visits over the years are false, but Ben doesn't believe Li's stories of the persecution of Christians until Li is taken to jail. As Ben rediscovers Jesus through Li's faith, he discovers the truth that God does not promise an easy life on Earth, only eternal happiness after death." 416 page PB

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