Westward Expansion and Migration

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Author: Barden, Cindy and Maria Backus
Weeks: 9
Unit(s): Y3U2, Y3U3
Level: Dialectic
Subject: History

This book is touted for middle-upper grades and the copyright notice states that you can copy for classroom use. There are three main sections to this book: Lewis and Clark Expedition, Westward Expansion and Migration, and Gold Rush. Each page has an activity on the bottom, which is optional for your Tapestry assignments. Word searches, fill in the blanks, short answer, and graphic organizers are just a few of the activities for which answers are in the back. 122 pages PB
  • Knowledge Box Central families: Use this alongside the Westward Expansion foldables, booklets, and lapbooks.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: There are some pages in this book that you can use in Unit 1, but they are not assigned because there are plenty of other resources already in place on the topic material.

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