Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England

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Author: Hughes, Kristine
Weeks: 2
Unit(s): Y3U2
Level: Rhetoric
Subject: History

In this time-saving reference book, respected author and historian Kristine Hughes brings 19th century England to life as she leads you through the details that characterize this fascinating era. From slice-of-life facts, anecdotes and firsthand accounts, to sweeping timelines and major historical events, this guide presents the delightful and often surprising daily realities of Regency and Victorian England. With it, you'll craft a vibrant story as you learn what people ate, from pigeon pie and turtle dinners to syllabub and milk punch, where a prisoner would go if he were remanded to the "hulks"; the four coats a gentleman must have in his wardrobe, and other fashion requirements of the era; the rules honored by decent society, from the proper way to promenade to the polite hours to "call"; how couples married and divorced, through churching, wife-selling and other practices; what people did for work, from cottagers and climbing boys to milkmaids and manservants; the meaning of common slang words like mawleys and moleskins; what Cook's Tours were life and where they could take the adventurous; and trends in entertainment, such as dandies, panoramas and more. 260 pages PB

  • Tapestry of Grace families: This replaces the now out-of-print Life in Victorian England. Mine the book for information to complete your student workbooks for 2 weeks, or just delve in and read the whole thing for pleasure!

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