Force Born of Truth: Mohandas Gandhi and the Salt March, The

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Author: Kuhn, Betsy
Weeks: 1
Unit(s): Y4U3
Level: Rhetoric
Subject: History

This book provides a solid overview of Gandhi and his revolution using peaceful protest. You'll find adequate background information about the British government and India's struggles. Interesting and engaging, this is a very good account that we think you and your students will enjoy. 160 pages HB
  • Tapestry of Grace families: We've cemented our decision that it's not easy to find books that DON'T give a politically correct view of Gandhi. We'd love to find a book that approaches his lifestyle from a Christian worldview, but we haven't so far. Thus, as always, we encourage you to approach this topic with our Teacher's Notes in hand so that you will be equipped to teach your children how to stand firm with a biblical view. Also, be aware that toward the end of the book, there is a section on people inspired by Gandhi, including Cesar Chavez and Soulforce Equality Ride. Tapestry does not assign this section of the book. Use for 1 week in Unit 3.

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