Year 3 Rhetoric Package: Basic

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Model: Ab3ME
Shipping Weight: 34.75lbs
Weeks: 5+
Unit(s): Multiple Units
Level: Rhetoric

NOTE: This list is subject to change without notice, primarily because of books going out-of-print.

  • Adoniram Judson: Danger on the Streets of Gold
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890, The
  • Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce
  • Billy Budd, Sailor
  • Civil War 1850-1895, the
  • Civil War as a Theological Crisis, The
  • Crime and Punishment
  • David Livingstone: African Explorer
  • Democracy in America
  • Early American Republic: 1789-1829, The
  • Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England
  • Eyewitness to the Civil War
  • Forgotten Spurgeon
  • Gilded Age: A History in Documents, The
  • Goethe's Faust
  • Great Expectations
  • Heart of Darkness and the Secret Sharer
  • Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China
  • Ideal Husband, An
  • Les Miserables
  • Mary Slessor Servant to the Slave
  • Mormonism Unmasked
  • Patience (DVD)
  • Rise and Fall of Waiilatpu
  • Scarlet Letter, The
  • Simon Bolivar, the Liberator
  • Victoria & Albert
  • Victorian Internet, The

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