Atlas of World History (2nd edition)

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Tapestry users often ask for an atlas to help their students complete the geography assignments in the week-plans.  Like many historical atlases, there is a section that is not in keeping with creationist viewpoints. 

Each double-page spread is laden with three to five maps and text that explains the historical significance of them.  You may sometimes find the text helpful and sometimes you will want to skip reading it.  Don't rely on any of the text to answer questions in the Student Activity Pages; think of any of the text as supplemental information.

Families using Year 1 will find this atlas to be a nice supplement to the Holman Bible Atlas.  Those using Years 2-4 will find a  good many of the labels that are assigned in Student Activity Pages. 

When my boys were doing their geography assignments, we literally got out all of the atlases that we owned (four of various levels) and they worked together to find each map label (use the indexes!). 

So, we recommend that you have several atlases on hand and don't get too concerned if you don't find all of the labels in just one of them.  These are an investment in your kids' education and will last until your grandkids are homeschooled!

312 pages


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