On Noah's Ark

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Author: Brett, Jan
Weeks: 1
Unit(s): Y1U1
Level: Upper Grammar
Subject: Literature

Jan Brett's intricate illustrations against a beautiful papyrus background make a stunning picture book of a favorite story-this time telling from the fictional perspective of Noah's granddaughter. As the floodwaters rise, she helps take the animals onto the ark and get them settled down. But it's not easy when giraffes are sleeping next to pandas and lions are curled up with turkeys. Finally the gentle rocking of the ark lulls them all to sleep until the waters recede and Grandpa Noah, his family, and all the animals leave the ark. This simple telling, combined with extraordinary illustrations of every animal imaginable, makes On Noah's Ark perfect for young and old. 32 pages HB
    • Knowledge Box Central families: Use this alongside the Noah's Ark booklet.

    • Tapestry of Grace families: Combine this with other options for the week for understanding which narrative is biblical. Highly recommended!

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