Hot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride

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Author: Priceman, Marjorie
Weeks: 1
Unit(s): Y2U4
Level: Lower Grammar
Subject: Literature

"The first 'manned' hot-air balloon is about to take off! But what are those noises coming from the basket? Based on the (POSSIBLY) true report of a day in 1783, this is the story of (PERHAPS) the bravest collection of flyers the world has ever seen, as (SORT OF) told to Marjorie Priceman. Follow the air-borne antics of this collection of flyers which include a duck, sheep, and rooster. This 40-page book has only seven pages that have text on them; the others are two-page spreads of wordless, bold illustrations. 40 pages HB"

  • Knowledge Box Central families: Use this alongside the Exploration booklets and lapbooks.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Chosen so that your student can apply his imagination to the development of his narrative skills, this book is used for one week in unit 4.

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