Primary Resources for Year 3

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Adoniram Judson: A Grand PurposeMeloche, Renee TaftAdd: $7.85 
Adoniram Judson: Bound for BurmaBenge, Janet and Geoff BengeAdd: $8.15 
Adoniram Judson: Danger on the Streets of GoldHowat, IreneAdd: $6.85 
Amazing Grace in the Life of William WilberforcePiper, JohnAdd: $7.80 
Antebellum America 1784-1850 (Volume 4)Dudley, WilliamAdd: $31.00 
Building an Empire: The Louisiana PurchaseThompson, LindaAdd: $10.95 
Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier, TheJakob WalterAdd: $13.60 
Diary of an Early American BoyEric SloaneAdd: $11.75 
Dolley MadisonMattern, JoanneAdd: $16.05 
Early American Republic: 1789 - 1829, ThePaul JohnsonAdd: $36.95 
Eli Whitney and the Cotton GinJessica GundersonAdd: $6.55 
Frankensteinretold by McFadden, DeannaAdd: $5.70 
Goethe's FaustJohann Wolfgang Von GoetheAdd: $12.50 
Grimms' Fairy TalesGrimm, Jacob & WilhelmAdd: $6.65 
Hansel and GretelLesser, RikaAdd: $6.35 
In the Land of the JaguarGena K. GorrellAdd: $20.45 
Industrial Revolution, The (Cornerstones of Freedom)McDaniel, MelissaAdd: $8.40 
Johnny Appleseed: My StoryHarrison, David L.Add: $3.45 
Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the American WestKroll, StevenAdd: $8.00 
Life and Work of Robert Fulton, TheHerweck, DonAdd: $8.99 
Making of a Poem, Theedited by Strand, Mark and Eavan BolandAdd: $18.95 
Marshall, the Courthouse MouseBarnes, Peter W.Add: $14.55 
New Nation, TheHakim, JoyAdd: $13.70 
Of Courage UndauntedJames DaughertyAdd: $16.95 
Once on This IslandWhelan, GloriaAdd: $6.35 
Ox-Cart ManDonald HallAdd: $6.90 
Palace of VersaillesTagliaferro, LindaAdd: $18.00 
Presidents Visual Encyclopedia, TheClick on title to purchase.Add: $15.55 
RapunzelPaul O. Zelinsky (retold)Add: $7.05 
RumpelstiltskinPaul O. Zelinsky (retold)Add: $7.05 
Seeker of KnowledgeJames RumfordAdd: $6.20 
Silent NightHawthorne, LaraAdd: $15.30 
Simon Bolivar, the LiberatorClick on title to purchase.Add: $19.99 
Simon Bolivar: Statesman and LiberatorDuberstein, RebeccaAdd: $10.95 
South America: the Continent and Its CountriesRohwer, LaurenAdd: $8.95 
Star-Spangled Banner, ThePeter SpierAdd: $10.80 
Story of Napoleon, TheMarshall, H. E.Add: $7.15 
Struggle for Sea Power, TheSynge, M.B.Add: $11.95 
Swiss Family Robinsonretold by Tait, ChrisAdd: $5.80 
Thomas Jefferson (Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents)Venezia, MikeAdd: $7.50 
Trial and TriumphHannula, Richard M.Add: $20.80 
Understanding the U.S. ConstitutionStange, Mark A.Add: $12.00 
United States Presidents Illustrated, TheReed, Robert M.Add: $24.45 
Vintage Guide to Classical Music, TheClick on title to purchase.Add: $18.70 
Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and ExperiencedClick on title to purchase.Add: $6.20 
War of 1812, TheMulhall, Jill K.Add: $8.55 
Wilberforce: An Activity BookAndrew EdwardsAdd: $4.55 
William Carey: Bearer of Good NewsRenee MelocheAdd: $8.30 
William Carey: Obliged to GoJanet BengeAdd: $8.70 
William Wordsworth: Favorite PoemsWordsworth, WilliamAdd: $2.00 
Amazing Impossible Erie Canal, TheHarness, CherylAdd: $7.95 
Australia and OceaniaFriedman, MelAdd: $6.60 
Billy Budd, SailorMelville, HermanAdd: $3.45 
Bound for OregonVan Leeuwen, JeanAdd: $6.25 
Boy Who Drew Birds, TheDavies, JacquelineAdd: $15.15 
California Gold Rush, The (Cornerstones of Freedom)Benoit, PeterAdd: $6.65 
Cherokee: History and CultureDwyer, Helen and D.L. BirchfieldAdd: $10.15 
Cherokee: The Past and Present of a Proud Nation, TheSmith-Llera DanielleAdd: $7.00 
Christmas Carol Coloring Book, AIllustrated by Noble, MartyAdd: $4.90 
Countries Around the World: AustraliaColson, MaryAdd: $7.80 
Daily Life in a Covered WagonClick on title to purchase.Add: $7.50 
David CopperfieldBassett, JenniferAdd: $9.38 
Democracy in AmericaTocqueville, Alexis deAdd: $22.00 
Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian EnglandHughes, KristineAdd: $18.99 
Frederic Chopin: Son of Poland, Early YearsWheeler, OpalAdd: $13.95 
George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's OrphansBenge, Janet and GeoffAdd: $8.15 
Gold Rush in California, The (What Would You Do?)Landau, ElaineAdd: $7.80 
Grandmother Spider Brings the SunKeams, GeriAdd: $6.60 
Great Pioneer ProjectsDickinson, RachelAdd: $15.95 
Hands-On Rocky MountainsMerrill, YvonneAdd: $20.00 
If You Traveled West in a Covered WagonLevine, EllenAdd: $5.60 
Island of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, ScottAdd: $7.15 
Josefina Story Quilt, TheCoerr, EleanorAdd: $3.99 
Les MiserablesKulling, Monica (retold)Add: $4.45 
Les MiserablesHugo, VictorAdd: $6.90 
Moccasin TrailMcGraw, Eloise JarvisAdd: $6.90 
North American IndianMurdoch, DavidAdd: $15.15 
Oliver TwistSebag-Montefiore, Mary (retold)Add: $5.70 
Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis BrailleFreedman, RussellAdd: $8.95 
Picture Book of Davy Crockett, AAdler, David A.Add: $7.90 
Princess and the Goblin, TheMacDonald, GeorgeAdd: $6.80 
Queen Victoria: Scenes From Her Life and ReignHenty, G.A.Add: $13.70 
Remember the AlamoWalker, Paul RobertAdd: $14.85 
Revolutionary Era, The: 1789-1850Breunig, CharlesAdd: $52.50 
Rise and Fall of Waiilatpu, TheCannon and WhitmanAdd: $8.55 
Samuel Morse and the TelegraphSeidman, DavidAdd: $6.55 
Scarlet Letter, TheHawthorne, NathanielAdd: $5.80 
Story of the Alamo, TheCopeland, Peter F.Add: $3.95 
Susanna of the AlamoJakes, JohnAdd: $7.20 
Sylvia Long's ThumbelinaLong, SylviaAdd: $15.85 
Timeline History of the Mexican-American War, ABehnke, AlisonAdd: $9.50 
Trail of Tears, TheBruchac, JosephAdd: $4.30 
Ugly Duckling, TheWatts, Bernadette (adapt.)Add: $7.95 
Victoria & AlbertStarring Jonathan FirthAdd: $33.00 
Victorian House Coloring Book, TheHelberg, KristenAdd: $4.90 
Victorian LifeKalman, BobbieAdd: $23.85 
Wagon TrainKramer, SydelleAdd: $3.60 
Westward Expansion and MigrationBarden, Cindy and Maria BackusAdd: $12.70 
White Stallion, TheShub, ElizabethAdd: $5.30 
A Kid's Life During the American Civil WarMachajewski, SarahAdd: $6.20 
Abraham Lincolnd'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar ParinAdd: $17.95 
Abraham Lincoln (Magic Tree House Fact Tracker)Osborne, Mary PopeAdd: $5.75 
Abraham Lincoln's WorldFoster, GenevieveAdd: $21.95 
Across Five AprilsHunt, IreneAdd: $6.45 
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain, MarkAdd: $5.40 
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, TheClick on title to purchase.Add: $5.00 
Alexander Graham Bell and the TelephoneFandel, JenniferAdd: $7.10 
Alice in WonderlandAdapted by Loehr, MalloryAdd: $4.50 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking GlassCarroll, LewisAdd: $9.10 
Anchor Book of Chinese PoetryEdited by: Barnstone, Tony and Chou PingAdd: $15.15 
Behind Rebel LinesReit, SeymourAdd: $7.15 
Birdie's LighthouseHopkinson, DeborahAdd: $6.85 
Black BeautyAdapted by East, CathyAdd: $3.60 
Buffalo Billd'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar ParinAdd: $17.95 
China: The LandKalman, BobbieAdd: $8.15 
Civil War 1850-1895, TheOjeda, AurianaAdd: $31.00 
Civil War as a Theological Crisis, TheClick on title to purchase.Add: $26.00 
Civil War for Kids, TheHerbert, JanisAdd: $16.80 
Civil War for Kids, TheHerbert, JanisAdd: $16.80 
Classic Starts: Little WomenMcFadden, DeannaAdd: $6.15 
Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit, Theretold by Don DailyAdd: $9.95 
Commodore Perry in the Land of the ShogunBlumberg, RhodaAdd: $8.90 
David Livingstone: Africa's TrailblazerBenge, Janet and GeoffAdd: $8.75 
David Livingstone: African ExplorerTiner, JohnAdd: $8.99 
David Livingstone: Courageous ExplorerMeloche, Renee TaftAdd: $7.85 
EmilyBedard, MichaelAdd: $6.25 
Escape to FreedomSimon, Barbara BrooksAdd: $5.75 
Exploring Countries: JapanSexton, ColleenAdd: $6.20 
Eyewitness to the Civil WarKagan, Neil and Stephen G. HyslopAdd: $34.60 
Florence NightingaleRobbins, TrinaAdd: $6.60 
Florence NightingaleZemlicka, ShannonAdd: $6.55 
Florence Nightingale: God's Servant at the BattlefieldCollins, David R.Add: $8.99 
Follow the Drinking GourdWinter, JeanetteAdd: $7.10 
Forty Acres and Maybe a MuleRobinet, Harriette GillemAdd: $6.90 
George Eastman and the CameraRausch, Monica L.Add: $5.05 
Gilded Age: A History in Documents, TheGreenwood, JanetteAdd: $34.95 
Great Civil War Projects You Can Build YourselfAnderson, MaxineAdd: $14.35 
Great ExpectationsDickens, CharlesAdd: $21.25 
Great Fire, TheMurphy, JimAdd: $9.70 
Hallelujah Lass, TheLawton, WendyAdd: $6.20 
Hudson Taylor: Could Somebody Pass the SaltMackenzie, CatherineAdd: $7.30 
Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of ChinaBenge, Janet and GeoffAdd: $8.75 
Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to ChinaChristie, VanceAdd: $10.75 
If You Lived with the Sioux IndiansMcGovern, AnnAdd: $5.60 
If You Traveled on the Underground RailroadLevine, EllenAdd: $5.60 
Imperialism: A History in DocumentsSmith, Bonnie G.Add: $59.95 
Japan: The LandKalman, BobbieAdd: $8.15 
Just a Few Words, Mr. LincolnFritz, JeanAdd: $3.60 
Lady of Shalott, Theillustrated by Keeping, CharlesAdd: $11.50 
Life on the Homefront During the Civil WarDoak, MelissaAdd: $9.10 
Little House on the PrairieWilder, Laura IngallsAdd: $6.25 
Little Prairie House, AWilder, Laura IngallsAdd: $6.35 
Louis Pasteur and the Fight Against GermsZamosky, LisaAdd: $7.85 
Monitor versus the Merrimac, TheAbnett, DanAdd: $10.15 
My Little House Crafts BookCollins, Carolyn Strom and Christina Wyss ErikssonAdd: $12.50 
Pink and SayPolacco, PatriciaAdd: $17.85 
Poetry for Young People: Emily DickinsonBolin, Frances SchoonmakerAdd: $5.80 
Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the Civil WarCocca, Lisa ColozzaAdd: $9.95 
SeabirdHolling, Holling C.Add: $10.70 
Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story About Ely ParkerSteenwyk, Elizabeth VanAdd: $9.45 
Shipwrecked! The True Adventures of a Japanese BoyBlumberg, RhodaAdd: $8.15 
Spotlight on ChinaJohnson, RobinAdd: $8.65 
Story of Architecture, TheGlancey, JonathanAdd: $22.25 
Ten Mile Day and the Building of the Transcontinental RailroadFraser, Mary AnnAdd: $8.65 
They're Off! The Story of the Pony ExpressHarness, CherylAdd: $7.85 
Thomas Edison: The Great InventorJenner, CarynAdd: $3.55 
Westward Ho! An Activity Guide to the Wild WestLaurie CarlsonAdd: $13.80 
Who Was Sitting Bull?Spinner, StephanieAdd: $5.75 
William Booth (Footsteps of the Past)Edwards, Andrew and Fleur ThortonAdd: $6.00 
William Booth: Soup, Soap, and SalvationBenge, Janet and GeoffAdd: $9.50 
Words of Delight: A Literary Introduction to the BibleRyken, LelandAdd: $41.50 
World ReligionsBowker, JohnAdd: $17.80 
(OPTIONAL) Patience (DVD)Starring Warlow, AnthonyAdd: $29.99 
Adventures of Spider, TheArkhurst, Joyce CooperAdd: $8.90 
African CraftsGarner, LynneAdd: $12.05 
Age of Extremes: 1880-1917 A History of US, AnHakim, JoyAdd: $13.05 
Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890, TheRich, NormanAdd: $41.75 
An Eye For ArtNational Gallery of ArtAdd: $18.50 
Andrew Carnegie and the Steel IndustryParker, Lewis K.Add: $14.40 
Andrew Carnegie: Industrialist and PhilanthropistKent, ZacharyAdd: $12.90 
Around the World in 80 DaysRetold by: McFadden, DeannaAdd: $5.80 
Art: A World HistoryBuchholz, Elke Linda, et. al.Add: $21.80 
At Ellis IslandPeacock, LouiseAdd: $18.80 
Booker T. WashingtonAmper, ThomasAdd: $6.55 
Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!Fritz, JeanAdd: $6.90 
Charles Spurgeon The Prince of PreachersGeorge, Christian T.Add: $8.15 
Child's Garden of Verses, AStevenson, Robert LouisAdd: $19.35 
Child's Introduction to Art, AAlexander, HeatherAdd: $19.99 
Church History in Plain LanguageShelley, Bruce L.Add: $28.70 
Church in History, TheKuiper, B.K.Add: $26.15 
Coming to America: The Story of ImmigrationMaestro, BetsyAdd: $13.35 
Crime and PunishmentDostoyevsky, FyodorAdd: $10.45 
D.L. Moody: The Greatest Evangelist of the Nineteenth CenturyBailey, Faith CoxeAdd: $5.40 
Ellis Island (Cornerstones of Freedom)McDaniel, MelissaAdd: $8.40 
Exploring AfricaKramme, MichaelAdd: $9.50 
Fire and SnowGunderson, J.Add: $5.55 
Forgotten SpurgeonMurray , Iain H.Add: $14.95 
Foxe's Book of MartyrsFoxe, JohnAdd: $16.05 
George Washington CarverBolden, TonyaAdd: $8.80 
Gift of Music, TheSmith, Jane Stuart and Betty CarlsonAdd: $17.60 
Hands-on Africa: Art Activities for All AgesYvonne Y. MerrillAdd: $20.00 
Heart of Darkness and the Secret SharerClick on title to purchase.Add: $3.45 
Helen Keller (DK Readers)Garrett, LeslieAdd: $3.45 
Hound of the Baskervilles, TheDoyle, Sir Arthur ConanAdd: $10.30 
Ideal Husband, AnClick on title to purchase.Add: $2.99 
If You Lived 100 Years AgoMcGovern, AnnAdd: $5.20 
Immigrant KidsFreedman, RussellAdd: $8.90 
Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, OscarAdd: $4.50 
In the Days of Queen VictoriaTappan, EveAdd: $13.70 
Industrial Revolution: From Muscles to Machines!Marsh, CaroleAdd: $6.20 
Invisible Man, TheWells, H. G.Add: $2.95 
Jr. Graphic American Inventors: George Washington CarverGould, JaneAdd: $7.85 
Jungle Book, TheKipling, RudyardAdd: $16.50 
Just So StoriesClick on title to purchase.Add: $4.55 
Kids on Strike!Bartoletti, Susan CampbellAdd: $8.85 
Learning about AfricaKoontz, RobinAdd: $9.50 
Little Princess, ABurnett, Frances HodgsonAdd: $16.05 
Lottie Moon: A Generous OfferingMeloche, ReneeAdd: $6.15 
Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for ChinaBenge, Janet & GeoffAdd: $7.90 
Marie Curie: A Photographic Story of a LifeCobb, VickiAdd: $6.80 
Mary Slessor Servant to the SlaveY3U4Add: $8.15 
Mary Slessor: Courage in AfricaMeloche, ReneeAdd: $6.15 
Mary Slessor: Forward into CalabarBenge, JanetAdd: $7.90 
Modern RevivalismMcLoughlin, William G.Add: $46.95 
Mysteries of Sherlock HolmesAdapted by: Conaway, JudithAdd: $3.50 
NutcrackerJeffers, SusanAdd: $15.40 
Our Island StoryMarshall, H.E.Add: $19.95 
Pappy's HandkerchiefScillian, DevinAdd: $14.80 
Philosophy Book, TheBuckingham, Will et al.Add: $22.25 
PinocchioZamorsky, TaniaAdd: $5.65 
Poetry Handbook, AOliver, MaryAdd: $12.50 
Presidents Fact Book, TheMatuz, RogerAdd: $26.99 
Princess Ka'iulaniLinnea, SharonAdd: $12.90 
Rikki-Tikki-TaviKipling, RudyardAdd: $6.25 
Sarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, PatriciaAdd: $5.35 
Scramble for Africa, TheClick on title to purchase.Add: $11.99 
Secret Garden, TheHautzig, DeborahAdd: $3.99 
Story of the Statue of Liberty, TheMaestro, Betsy & GiulioAdd: $6.25 
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, TheStevenson, Robert LouisAdd: $3.30 
This Country of OursMarshall, H. E.Add: $19.95 
Train to SomewhereBunting, EveAdd: $7.50 
Treasure Island (Little Golden Book)Shealy, DennisAdd: $4.70 
Universe Next Door, TheSire, JamesAdd: $22.00 
Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions (Internet-Linked)Meredith, Susan and Clare HickmanAdd: $13.30 
Victorian Internet, TheTom StandageAdd: $14.45 
When Jessie Came Across the SeaHest, AmyAdd: $6.25 
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