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Cold War, The
Taylor, David
This book begins with the Truman Doctrine and continues through the end of the Cold War. Ample pictures and helpful maps are scattered throughout the text.The language is a bit elevated for Upper Grammar students, but you'll discover that the assignments are typically only a couple of pages in a given week so the challenge will not be overwhelming for most students. Use one week in Year 4 Unit 2, and again throughout Units 3 and 4. 48 pages PBNEW$8.99$7.45 
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Cold War: A History in Documents, The
Winkler, Allan M.

"The cold war--the bitter standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union--lasted for over 50 years and polarized the world. The conflict had its roots in political and ideological disagreements dating back to the Russian Revolution of 1917--disagreements that intensified in the wake of World War II."  You'll find excerpts from speeches by Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill President Harry S. Truman, Vietnamese nationalist Ho Chi Minh, President Lyndon B. Johnson, antiwar protesters, and more.  Questions in the Student Activity Pages are tied to this book.  Use for over 5 weeks.  PB  160 pages



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