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Wondering why some of these books don't match your year-plan? They may be replacement titles. You can access information for using them at the Book Updates Chart on the Tapestry of Grace website.

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Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the Telephone
Micklos Jr., John
The Time for Kids series is full of bright illustrations and engaging text. In this title, students will read about Alexander Graham Bell, who was an inventor and teacher of the deaf.Replacement title for Always Inventing by Tom L. Matthews. Used for 1 week in Unit 3 of Year 3. 44 pages PB.NEW$3.99$3.50 
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Early American Industrial Revolution 1793-1850, The
Bagley, Katie

The succint book provides just the information your student needs to learn the basics behind how the Industrial Revolution took place and affected America.  (Many of the books we previewed about the Industrial Revolution put too much focus on a given area or were too long for our purposes.) Read one week in Unit 1, one week in Unit 2, and one week in Unit 3.  48 pages  Library Bound

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Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
Jessica Gunderson

In graphic novel format, this book tells the story of how Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, and the effects it had on the South. Read for one week as in-depth history reading or choose any biography available to you about Eli Whitney. PB

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George Eastman and the Camera
Rausch, Monica L.

For one week in unit 3, youngsters will read about George Eastman and his contributions to the photographic industry. Any biography about Eastman should be adequate. Look at the other biographies that we suggest about Louis Pasteur, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison as well. 24 pages PB

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Henry Ford: Putting the World on Wheels
Nabli, Dina El

We like the "Time for Kids" series because of the balance of text and pictures for young students.  Interesting and readable, you'll want to look at the Glance preceding week 1 for information about one sidebar that has some bias.  You can use any Ford biography for one week in Year 4 Unit 1 and in Primer.  44 pages  PB

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Kids at Work
Freedman, Russell

This gripping book is a "photobiography of early twentieth-century photographer and schoolteacher Lewis Hine, using his own work as illustrations. Hines's photographs of children at work were so devastating that they convinced the American people that Congress must pass child labor laws."  Students and parents alike will appreciate the quality of illustrations and the interesting information presented in this read-aloud that will be used for two weeks at the beginning of Year 4 Unit 1.  104 pages  PB

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Life and Work of Robert Fulton, The
Herweck, Don
This biography provides excellent coverage of the life and work of Robert Fulton. Nice illustrations and solid, but succinct explanations, make this a great choice. 32 pages PBNEW$8.99$8.99 
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Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
Seidman, David

Students will enjoy this graphic biography of Samuel Morse and will learn about how his invention revolutionized communication. It will be easy to substitute a similar title. Read one week in unit 2. 32 pages PB

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Smokestacks and Spinning Jennys
Sean Price
One week core reading for our study of the Industrial Revolution. Lower grammar students will enjoy the simple introduction to the invention of the spinning jenny, steam engine, telegraph, and more. Any book that you own about the Industrial Revolution will likely make a fine substitute. PBNEW$7.99$6.50 
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Thomas Edison: The Great Inventor
Jenner, Caryn

In typical DK style, this book is full of bright illustrations and text that engage students. Any biography about Edison should be adequate.  48 pages PB

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Victorian Internet, The
Tom Standage

The impact of the industrial revolution on communications, and thus upon human history, cannot be underestimated. In this highly engaging, somewhat lighthearted book, read a detailed description about the invention of the telegraph, starting with its earliest configurations during the Napoleonic Wars. Students will learn so much from this resource which is read throughout Year 3 at about the rate of one week in each unit. There are questions in the Student Activity Pages that are tied to this book. PB

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