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Wondering why some of these books don't match your year-plan? They may be replacement titles. You can access information for using them at the Book Updates Chart on the Tapestry of Grace website.

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America in the Time of Sitting Bull
Isaacs, Sally Senzell

Many kids enjoy reading about cowboys and Indians on America's frontier.  This book also includes interesting information about slavery, railroads, outlaws, and more!  48 pages  PB

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Arrow Over the Door, The
Bruchac, Joseph

Historical fiction full of drama and suspense, this novel takes place in 1777 and is the story of Quaker and Indian boys. The two grow through their encounters, resulting in a book that your student won't want to put down. Read two weeks in unit 4. 96 pages PB

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Battles of the French and Indian War
Smolinski, Diane
Providing basic information about eleven of the battles of the French and Indian War, this picture book will explain more about the struggle for control of North America. 32 pages PBNEW$8.99$7.45 
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Cherokee: History and Culture
Dwyer, Helen and D.L. Birchfield
Enjoy reading about Native American Cherokees in this five chapter book. Learn about their history, way of life, and other interesting aspects of their culture. 48 pages PBNEW$11.95$10.15 
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Dolley Madison
Mattern, Joanne
Dolley Madison was a very popular First Lady because of her welcoming spirit and hospitality. Read more about her life as a young Quaker, the devastating losses she faced, and her life as the President's wife. 32 pages Library bound *Replacement for the now out-of-print Chief Tecumseh.NEW$18.95$15.45 
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Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun
Keams, Geri
A Cherokee story about how Possum and Buzzard fail in their attempts to steal a piece of the sun. However, Grandmother Spider succeeds in bringing light to the animals on her side of the world. unnumbered pages PBNEW$7.95$6.60 
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If You Lived with the Cherokee
Roop, Peter and Connie

Learn about the Cherokee's family life, village leaders, education, worship practices, and more in this 80-page book from Scholastic. Read two weeks in unit 2. Your library may have books about the Cherokee which will likely work find as substitutes. 80 pages PB

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Iroquois Indians
Yacowitz, Caryn

Discover how the Iroquois lived and played in this interesting picture book published by Heinemann. 32 pages PB

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Iroquois, The: The Six Nations Confederacy
Englar, Mary

Looks at the customs, family life, history, government, culture, and daily life of the Iroquois nations of New York and Ontario. 48 pages PB

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More Than Moccasins
Carlson, Laurie

With more than 100 crafts and activities, this book will help your youngsters experience the traditions and skills of the native North Americans. Look at our lower-grammar and upper-grammar hands-on activities books and choose just one if you are sharing for all of your children. 200 pages PB

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North American Indian
Murdoch, David

Uncover the incredible diversity and rich contributions of Native American culture. This book shows a stunning array of artifacts from New York's Museum of Natural History: towering totem poles, ornate wooden masks worn by Hope rainmakers, deadly blowguns used by Florida Seminoles, and more. If you enjoy the typical DK book with abundant pictures, loads of captions, and succinct text, this one will surely be a winner. Any book that covers Native Americans by region will be a fairly easy substitute. Use one week in Year 2, Unit 3, one week in Year 3, unit 2, and one week in Year 3, unit 3. 72 pages HB

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Plains Indians
Ansary, Mir Tamim
Describes the traditional way of life of the Plains Indians and the changes brought to it by Europeans, discussing homes, clothing, games, crafts, and beliefs.NEW$7.99$6.50 
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Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story About Ely Parker
Steenwyk, Elizabeth Van

"Biography of the Seneca Indian who helped save his people's land, was elected a sachem, served in the Union Army, became a general, and was named commissioner of Indian affairs."  Students will enjoy reading about this chief who lived in both the Native American and white worlds. Read for two weeks in unit 3. 64 pages PB

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Trail of Tears, The
Bruchac, Joseph
Recounts how the Cherokees, after fighting to keep their land in the nineteenth century, were forced to leave and travel 1,200 miles to a new settlement in Oklahoma, a terrible journey known as the Trail of Tears. It will be easy to substitute a similar title. Read for one week in unit 2. 48 pages PBNEW$3.99$3.45 
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