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Wondering why some of these books don't match your year-plan? They may be replacement titles. You can access information for using them at the Book Updates Chart on the Tapestry of Grace website.

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America in the 1990's
Ochoa, George

In addition to learning about important events during presidential administrations, you'll have the opportunity to learn about events taking place in the arts, sciences, popular culture, fashion, and music.  128 pages  Library Bound

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America in the Time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Isaacs, Sally Senzell

Solid coverage for the time frame from 1929 to 1948, your youngest students will enjoy this picture book as core history reading.  Combine with in-depth options for full learning.  You'll just use this the last week of Year 4 Unit 1, but in quite a few weeks in Year 4 Unit 2, and in Primer.  48 pages  PB

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American Presidents, The
Whitney, David C. and Robin V.
This 11th edition provides 10-12 pages of biography about each President, up through Barak Obama. At the end of the book are sections on the First Ladies, Vice Presidents, elections, and other key information. 660 pages PBNEW$19.99$19.80 
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Charge Kept, A
Bush, George

Read Bush's views on the military, foreign policy, balancing the budget, education reform, crime, the judicial system, and more.  Use for one week; questions in the Student Activity pages are based upon this book.  128 pages  PB

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Decision Points
Bush, George W.
AUDIO BOOK In this gripping memoir, George W. Bush describes the critical decisions that shaped his presidency and personal life. For the first time, we learn his insights and perspective on: *The journey that led his to his Christian faith *His relationships with his family *His administration's counterterrorism programs *His legislative achievements *His relationships with other world leaders *And more! 7 hours, 6 CDsNEW$35.00$33.60 
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Eyewitness to Power
Gergen, David

The author of this book, David Gergen, was a White House advisor to four presidents:  Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton.  He draws upon his experiences to provide a behind-the-scenes account of the struggles and successes of these recent leaders.  HIGHLY recommended!  382 pages  PB

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Freedman, Russell

One of our favorite biographies, this book "traces the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from his birth in 1882 through his youth, early political career, and presidency to his death in Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1945."  You'll use this book beginning in Year 4 Unit 1, and finish it up in Unit 2.  Questions in the Student Activity Pages are directly tied to this title, although most biographies (at this learning level) have similar information.  208 pages  PB

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George Washington
d'Aulaire, Ingri & Edgar Parin

A simple biography of Washington, telling of the major events in his life and stressing the upbringing that endowed him with the qualities of leadership. As always, D'Aulaire books are a winner! Used for 3 weeks in Year 2 Unit 4 and in Primer. 60 pages PB

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Look-It-Up Book of Presidents
Blassingame, Wyatt
Provides brief biographies of the American presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama.NEW$13.99$12.30 
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NBC News Presents: Ronald Reagan (DVD)
Anchored by Philipps, Stone

Unique to any of the Tapestry Year-Plans, this resource is suggested for both Dialectic and Rhetoric students for one week in Unit 4.  Anchored by Stone Philipps, this documentary about Ronald Reagan details his life and accomplishments.  41 minutes      Not Rated     DVD

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Presidents of the United States
Adams, Simon

Describing the lives and careers of those who have held the office of president, this book dedicates one or two pages per president, with about four or five paragraphs per page. There is some additional information about the role of the president, the branches of government, the first ladies, and the White House. It will be easy to substitute with any book(s) about the presidents that you have available. If you want your younger children to share a presidents' book, take a look at the upper grammar book as well. Use three weeks in Year 2, Unit 4, and many weeks throughout Years 3 and 4. Also used in Primer. 96 pages PB

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Thomas Jefferson
Harness, Cheryl

Well-done illustrations are a highlight of this biography of the third president. Your student will enjoy learning about many facets of Jefferson's life. The introduction of the book mentions a possible relationship with Sally Hemings, which you can easily omit. For two weeks, you can easily substitute any biography about Jefferson, provided the time frame goes beyond the Lewis and Clark expedition. 48 pages PB

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United States Presidents Illustrated, The
Reed, Robert M.
Highlights the lives, times, and political climate in which each of the 44 American presidents lived. Replacement title for Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents by George Sullivan. Used for 5+ weeks in multiple units Years 2, 3, and 4. PB 144 pagesNEW$24.99$24.45 
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