Welcome to Bookshelf Central and Suddenly Homeschooling!

Welcome to Bookshelf Central and Suddenly Homeschooling!

I’m Dana, and I taught all three of my boys at home until they graduated from high school. In the beginning years, my spine curriculum was Weaver, and I loved their integrated approach, using the Bible as their focal point for all of their studies. However, frequently I would add homemade worksheets, activities, and other supplements to our lessons. After about nine years, I decided to look into other options, mainly because I needed more hand-holding in the high school years.

A good friend suggested that I look into Tapestry of Grace because she knew it was right up my alley. Indeed, the samples looked appealing to me, so I prayed about making a big change. Honestly, I felt that God gave me a big “no,” so I kept using my Weaver volumes, but once in a while, I’d check the Tapestry website to see what might be new.

Lo and behold, I discovered that they’d taken it off the market. Well, that explained why God had stayed my hand. I’d printed off the samples though, and had started using the methodology with my boys and loved doing so.

You can probably figure out the rest of the story. Once in a while, I’d peek again and eventually I saw that it was available again. I joined the new Yahoo group that they had set up and kept my eyes on their site and the group for the latest news. The founder and author, Marcia Somerville, asked for someone to help moderate the Yahoo group. I sent in the testimony she requested and she chose me to help her. By doing so, I got my first year-plan free.

Eventually moderating the group turned into writing a few worksheets to add to the curriculum, then helping edit and update the website. Eventually I began serving on staff at Lampstand Press in 2001, working in a part-time capacity. It was a blessing to work from home and still have the ability to homeschool my own children.

Their business and curriculum grew and I “had” to work full-time in order to keep up with the demands of writing. One of my main jobs was choosing living books that would be used for carrying out the assignments. I loved this part of my job, but it was challenging, as Marcia wanted to have in-print books as much as possible.

I also was the primary author of the literature worksheets and teacher information for lower grammar, upper grammar, and dialectic levels in literature. However, I also wrote the learning objectives, writing assignments, craft ideas and assignments, and more. There were others on the writing team as well, making it all come together into a cohesive curriculum.

Over time, Marcia came to the conclusion that she didn’t want to sell the living books anymore and decided to sell that portion of her business to me. Thus, in 2009, Bookshelf Central was born.

From the beginning, it has been our desire to provide the living books that you need to adequately carry out your assignments. Most of what you need, we have in stock in our warehouse in Tennessee. However, starting in 2020, we’ve changed our model and sometimes we will instead provide an Amazon link for a particular title. This may be because profit margins are too slim to carry in-house, the book sells slowly, we are having problems getting inventory from the publisher, or the book has gone out-of-print.

Either way, whether you use an Amazon link to purchase, or buy directly from us, you are supporting our family business. When you call or chat with us, you are speaking with either myself or one of my daughters-in-law, most likely.

We are here for you as you begin or continue your homeschooling journey.

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