Knowledge Box Central uses Color Psychology and other proven practices in their lapbooks, which helps to improve information retention. What's a lapbook, you may ask. It is a wonderful way for your student to document whatever topic he is studying. He will create small booklets along the way, and put them all together at the end of the study to create a keepsake called a lapbook. Lapbooks are great ways to review, and children really enjoy displaying their work in this way. All of the planning is done for you ~ It really is easy! Just give it a try! It's more than a craft it is an experience./p>

Cyndi Kinney, the lead author and founder of Knowledge Box Central began exploring and researching Color Psychology and using it to design lapbooks for the students in her co-op. Cyndi did many more years of study and uses this information to help people around the world to improve the creativity, behaviors, and learning experiences in their homes, workplaces, and classrooms. She has authored over 400 books and has served as both domestic and international Key Note Speaker on homeschooling and unschooling topics.

Candie Donner is the other half of Knowledge Box Central. She brought her son home for school in 3rd grade and started writing for Knowledge Box Central and knew she had found her place. Writing had been her passion for many years and now she had an outlet that was helping other homeschool moms. She has written over 60 products and designed curriculum supplements for American Girl, Apologia ~ What We Believe Series, and others.

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