Pappy's Handkerchief

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Author: Scillian, Devin
Weeks: 1
Unit(s): Y3U4
Level: Lower Grammar
Subject: History

Young Moses and his family are barely scraping by during the hard times in 1889 Baltimore. It's difficult to provide for a family of ten; but, when they hear of free farmland out in Oklahoma, it sounds like the answer to their prayers. The family sells all they own and heads west to fulfill a lifelong dream. Their wagon journey, however, is plagued with troubles from ice storms and flooded rivers to diminishing supplies and sickness. Yet Moses and his family persevere. They arrive in time to take a place along the boundary line that marks the staging point for the Oklahoma Land Run. Evocative paintings and spellbinding storytelling bring the Oklahoma Land Run to vivid life for young readers. 40 pages HB

  • Tapestry of Grace families: This is a replacement for The Great Land Rush.

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