Technology in Ancient Egypt

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Author: Samuels, Charlie
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Unit(s): Y1U1
Level: Dialectic
Subject: History

Perhaps the most well known innovation of the ancient Egyptians is mummification, but they knew far more about the human body than just how to preserve it. There's evidence that the ancient Egyptians knew how to set broken bones and that they knew a person's pulse and heart were linked. Readers will learn about ancient Egypt's earliest technology, from that used in medicine, to arts like pottery, glassmaking,and weaving. Through historical content and each section's accompanying sidebar, readers also will have a strong introduction to a common social studies curriculum topic: the culture of the ancient Egyptians. Up-close photographs of artifacts as well as artistic renderings of Egyptian shipbuilding, architecture, and other activities will engage readers in the ancient world of Egypt while a detailed timeline highlights important events.

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