Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse


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Before 1918, the Boston Red Sox were unstoppable. They won World Series after World Series, thanks in part to their charismatic pitcher-slugger Babe Ruth. But some people on the Red Sox felt the Babe was more trouble than he was worth, and he was traded away to one of the worst teams in baseball, the New York Yankees. From then on, the Yankees became a golden team. And the Red Sox? For over 80 years, they just couldn’t win another World Series. Then, in 2004, along came a scruffy, scrappy Red Sox team. Could they break Babe Ruth’s curse and win it all?

Pages: 104

Pages: 104


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This short chapter book is an excellent option when learning about this sports legend!

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Check the copyright of your year-plan to make sure this book is used.
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