Born and Bred in the Great Depression

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East Texas, the 1930s—the Great Depression. Award-winning author Jonah Winter’s father grew up with seven siblings in a tiny house on the edge of town. In this picture book, Winter shares his family history in a lyrical text that is clear, honest, and utterly accessible to young readers, accompanied by Kimberly Bulcken Root’s rich, gorgeous illustrations. Here is a celebration of family and of making do with what you have

Pages: 40

Pages: 40



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We’ve found a winner in this intimate portrait of the Great Depression. It’s the true story of Grandpa and Granny Winter, who braved tough times with the hope of better days. You and your children will love the illustrations and story line presented in this title…maybe you’ll save it to use with your grandchildren!

  • Tapestry of Grace families: This is one of the replacement titles for America in the Time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and The Great Depression. Use for 2 weeks in Year 4 and in Primer.


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