Boy Named FDR, A


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Franklin D. Roosevelt was born into one of the wealthiest families in America, yet this ultimate rich kid grew up to do more for ordinary Americans than any other president. This appealing picture-book biography shows how, from childhood on, FDR was compassionate, cheerful, determined, and enormously likable. Though he had private tutors as a young boy and later attended an elite boys’ school, he played pranks and had down-to-earth fun just like any boy today.

Pages: 48

Pages: 48



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Kathleen Krull’s animated biography focuses on FDR’s childhood years through his entry as a young man into politics and his battle with polio. It also summarizes his achievements as president and includes a chronology of his life.

  • Knowledge Box Central families: Use this alongside the Government lapbooks.
  • Tapestry of Grace families: This is a replacement for the now out-of-print title, Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Leader in Troubled Times and is used for 4 weeks.
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