Can You Hear It?

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In this book, young readers are introduced to great music through great works of art. Beloved music is illustrated by great works of art, and the text and accompanying CD urge young readers to listen for certain instruments. Can you hear the car horns honking, played by clarinets? Can you hear the horses’ hooves, played by castanets? When each CD track is played, young readers will stop, look, and listen as never before.

Pages: 39

Pages: 39


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Thirteen pictures set the scene for the music. A Japanese print of a hovering bee illuminates the trilling flutes in The Flight of the Bumblebee. A Jazz age painting of a traffic jam at the Arc de Triomphe captures the rousing opening of An American in Paris. And a gilded Mughal watercolor of an elaborately costumed elephant gives life to a magisterial creature from The Carnival of Animals. Accompanying each image are a CD track number and guided questions, which prime readers to listen for specific sounds. When the track is played, readers will look and listen as never before.
The CD includes American and European orchestras playing thirteen short works (or excerpts of longer ones), each about 2-3 minutes in length. Also included in the book is an introduction to musical instruments, illustrated with beautiful and historically significant examples from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as notes on the artists, composers, and works.



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