Classical Kids

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Divided into two sections, this book provides brief background information on two ancient civilizations: Greece and Rome, followed by a number of projects in several categories that include eating, the arts, and dressing up. The activities vary in type, difficulty, and actual relationship to the culture they represent. Overly simplified black-and-white line drawings illustrate the texts.

Pages: 200

Pages: 200



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Travel back in time to see what life was like in ancient Greece and Rome while having fun with hands-on activities such as making a star gazer, chiseling a clay tablet, weaving Roman sandals, making a Greek mosaic, creating Roman jewelry, throwing Greek pottery, casting a vote in a Roman-style election,and much more. Learn how these civilizations contributed to our present-day world by participating in art, math, cooking, science, and geography activities. Interesting facts and trivia are included throughout. Helpful illustrations explain project steps.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Use for 13 weeks in Units 2, 3, and 4 in Year 1, and in Primer.


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