Colonial Living

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In lively text and accurate drawings we see the dugouts and wigwams of New England’s first settlers and the houses they learned to build against the cruel winters; the snug Dutch and Flemish farmhouses of New Amsterdam; the homes of the early planters in the South which would one day be kitchens for the houses they dreamed of building when tobacco had made them rich. Tunis describes the early crops, and pictures the implements and animals used to produce them; in detailed pictures we see again the tools and products of the craftsmen, the blacksmith, the cooper, the miller, the joiner, and the silversmith.

Pages: 152

Pages: 152



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Colonial Living is Edwin Tunis’s vigorous re-creation of 17th- and 18th-century America–of the everyday living of those sturdy men and women who carved a way of life out of the wilderness.


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