Days of Knights and Damsels

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Kids can re-create a long-ago world of kings, castles, jousts, jesters, damsels, magic fairies, and Robin Hood—all they need are their imaginations, materials they can find at home, and the activities in this book. Dressing up in a coat of armor made from plastic milk jugs, whipping up a batch of curds and whey, writing secret messages in invisible ink, and telling time with a sand glass made from soda bottles are just some of the fun projects. Every activity is illustrated, and sidebars highlight colorful facts about life hundreds of years ago.

Pages: 184

Pages: 184



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Provides dozens of activities including making clothing, creating a coat of arms, playing games, building a model castle, and more, all while accentuating the lifestyles of people during the Middle Ages. The bulk of this book is that the information is primarily limited to instructions, and not more historical text.



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