Diary of an Early American Boy

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For his fifteenth birthday in 1805, young Noah Blake’s parents gave him a little leatherbound diary in which he recorded the various activities on his father’s farm. This reprint of an actual early nineteenth-century book provides today’s readers with a delightful rarity — a view of bygone days through the eyes of a young boy. Eric Sloane has taken the notebook with its brief comments and expanded the daily entries with explanatory narrative and 72 of his own remarkable drawings.

Pages: 128

Pages: 128

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This reprint of an actual early 19th-century diary provides today’s readers with an engaging rarity: a fifteen-year old farm boy’s brief, concise notebook and author Eric Sloane’s delightful drawings and explanatory narrative of the daily entries. A bygone era, preserved in its simplicity, is revealed in text that tells of life on a New England farm and such common tasks as nail-making, bridge-building, shingle-splitting, and spring plowing.


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