Dinosaurs on the Move


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Make ancient times come to life with extraordinary dinosaurs that once roamed the earth! Movable paper action figures really move as you bring Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and others to life. Move their jaws, clash their teeth, and make their powerful legs run as you act out your own dinosaur battles?or make up your own stories about these mighty creatures!


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The book includes a short dinosauria section with a short introduction to each of the ten dinosaurs from Allosaurus to Tyrannosaurus rex. Children will learn fascinating facts about these great creatures who once roamed the earth: length, weight, habitat, diet, the location of fossil discoveries, and key features are provided for each dinosaur. Meticulous illustrations are based on authentic authentic fossils and skeletons. Each dinosaur comes in easy-to-assemble colored and colorable versions printed on heavy card stock with perforated pages. A letter key is printed on the back of each figure for simple assembly.




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