DK Eyewitness Books: Ancient Egypt

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Explore the Nile Valley civilizations — from colonial temples to tombs packed with riches.

Pages: 72

Pages: 72



Tapestry of Grace:

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Travel back in time and discover one of history’s most remarkable civilizations: from the legends of the great Pharaohs to the triumphs of the ordinary people. Explore the inside of the Great Pyramid in Giza, or learn how Tutankhamun’s tomb was found. Images and supported text throughout the book showcase the pottery, weapons and other objects ancient Egyptians left behind, the architecture they created, the food they ate, their system of Hieroglyphic writing, and more, giving an eyewitness account of this incredible empire.

  • Knowledge Box Central families: Use this alongside the Ancient Egypt lapbooks and notebooking pages.
  • Tapestry of Grace families: Use for a total of 3 weeks. This is one of three replacement titles for the now out-of-print Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World.
  • Weaver Curriculum families: This is an option to use in place of the Growing Up In series and Ancient Egypt.


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