Forgotten Spurgeon

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This book seeks to throw light on the reasons which have given rise to the superficial image of Spurgeon as a genial Victorian pulpiteer, a kind of grandfather of modern evangelicalism. Even before his death in 1892 newspapers and church leaders disputed over the features of his life which entitled him to fame. Not his ‘narrow creed’ but his “genuine loving character” was most worthy of remembrance said one periodical, echoing the general view. When Joseph Parker contrasted the hard Calvinism preached at Spurgeon’s Tabernacle with the praiseworthy Christianity exemplified in his orphanage, the Baptist protested that the man about whom Parker wrote “is not the Spurgeon of history,” but the distortion continued and Spurgeon forecast how the position he help might fare in years to come: “I am quite willing to be eaten by dogs for the next fifty years but the more distant future shall vindicate me.”

Pages: 254

Pages: 254



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This book traces the main lines of Spurgeon’s spiritual thought in connection with the three great controversies in his ministry–the first was his stand against the diluted Gospel fashionable in London…the second, the famous ‘Baptismal Regeneration’ debate…lastly, the lacerating Down-Grade controversy when Spurgeon sought to awaken Christians to the danger of the Church ‘being buried beneath the boiling mud-showers of modern heresy. You’ll find that chapter 5 of this book involves a particularly narrow slice of theological controversy. From a historian’s perspective, it is important, but from a high schooler’s perspective, this chapter can definitely be seen as optional reading.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Use for 3 weeks in Unit 4.


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