Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule

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Like other ex-slaves, Pascal and his older brother Gideon have been promised forty acres and maybe a mule. With the family of friends they have built along the way, they claim a place of their own. Green Gloryland is the most wonderful place on earth, their own family farm with a healthy cotton crop and plenty to eat. But the notorious night riders have plans to take it away, threatening to tear the beautiful freedom that the two boys are enjoying for the first time in their young lives. Coming alive in plain, vibrant language is this story of the Reconstruction, after the Civil War.

Pages: 144

Pages: 144


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Highly recommended! This historical fiction tells the story of former slaves and their desires to gain dignity while they struggle to keep their land. Your students’ eyes may be opened as they discover how blacks continued to be mistreated even after the war had ended. Some of the realities presented are harsh, but also portray the grim determination that ex-slaves exhibited as they attempted to make lives for themselves outside of the bonds of slavery.




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