Francis Marion and the Legend of The Swamp Fox


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Francis Marion, a native of South Carolina, was one of the heroes of the American Revolution.  Marion, nicknamed the Swamp Fox, was a stealthy commander, later Brigadier General, of a group of mostly farmers, Native Americans and African Americans who fought bravely in the swamps, often attacking at night and capturing British supplies, weapons and supplies. His group’s actions, along with those of other Partisan fighters and Continentals, such as those commanded by General Nathanael Greene, helped in the ultimate defeat of the British at Yorktown. The book tells the story of Marion and the vivid illustrations show with historical accuracy the story of the almost mythical Swamp Fox.

Pages: 60

Pages: 60



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Read about the impact that Francis Marion had on the Revolutionary War. This one will hold the interest of your youngsters and be a great addition to your home library!

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