From Distant Days: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia

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A selection and abridgment of Benjamin Foster’s comprehensive, two-volume work on Babylonian and Assyrian literature, Before the Muses. This edition is well-suited for college courses in Biblical Studies, Classical Studies, Religious Thought, Mythology, or Comparative Literature.

Pages: 446

Pages: 446



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This anthology contains translations of original works from Babylonian and Assyrian literature.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Warning–some material in this text is graphically sexual. The book comes with warnings for pages you might like to remove or blacken with a magic marker so that your child can’t read these selections by mistake (none of which are assigned as reading). Remember that if you purchase this book from a different source, it will not have the warnings before you open the first page. Our Teacher’s Guides will be invaluable so that you know which works to omit, and how the assigned selections use various forms of literary devices. We include this book because we feel it gives students both fodder for literary exercises and a window into the cultures that by turns tempted or oppressed the Israelites, whose history we are also studying in Year 1. Of course, you may choose to forego any or all of these assignments if you do not feel they are right for your child. Use for 4 weeks in Units 1 and 3.



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