Gilgamesh the King

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Gilgamesh, half-god and half-man, in his loneliness and isolation becomes a cruel tyrant over the citizens of Uruk. To impress them forever he orders a great wall to be built, driving his people to exhaustion and despair so that they cry to the Sun God for help. In answer, another kind of man, Enkidu, is sent to earth to live among the animals and learn kindness from them. He falls in love with Shamhat, a singer from the temple, and he follows her back to Uruk. There, Enkidu, the “uncivilized” beast from the forest, shows the evil Gilgamesh through friendship what it means to be human.

Pages: 24

Pages: 24



Tapestry of Grace:

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This is the first book in the Gilgamesh trilogy. A mild treatment of this ancient epic, this trilogy will give a view into the beliefs of Mesopotamians. Of the three titles in this series, this one has the least frightful illustrations.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Read for 1 week as, alongside two others in the trilogy. It won’t be easy to find a level-appropriate substitute.


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