Gulliver’s Travels (Classic Starts)

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When Gulliver first goes off to sea, he has no idea of the amazing world he will visit–or the incredible adventures that await him there. Travel with Gulliver to a flying island, a land inhabited by tiny people, a world ruled by horses, and more. You’ll meet some of the most fantastic creatures along the way.

Pages: 160

Pages: 160



Tapestry of Grace:

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Through the eyes of Lemuel Gulliver, Swift’s unforgettable satire takes readers into worlds formerly unimagined. Visit four strange and remarkable lands: Lilliput, where Gulliver seems a giant among a race of tiny people; Brobdingnag, the opposite, where the natives are giants and Gulliver puny; the ruined yet magical country of Laputa; and the home of the Houyhnhnms, gentle horses far superior to the ugly humanoid Yahoos who share their universe.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Read for 2 weeks.



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