Iran and Iraq: Religion, War, and Geopolitics

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Iran and Iraq, though neighbors for many centuries, share both a common and a contentious history. Though both are Muslim nations, they have long been divided by their differing affiliations with the Shia and Sunni branches of Islam and by a cultural tension between Persian and Arab. These tensions have occasionally erupted into all-out warfare, most recently in the 1980s, when half a million Iraqis and Iranians were killed in a decade-long war. Today, however, following the toppling of the repressive Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s previously oppressed Shia majority is forging ties with Shia-dominated Iran and creating a new, potentially destabilizing balance of power in this part of the Middle East.

Pages: 80

Pages: 80



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This book explores the long, rich, complex, and charged history between these two Muslim nations and analyzes what path they seem to be heading down in the future, a journey that has weighty consequences for the western world and the United States.

  • Lucerna Academy families: Use this book for 6 weeks in Year 4 Dialectic History class.
  • Tapestry of Grace families: This is a replacement title for both The War in Iraq and The Iran-Iraq War and is used for 6 weeks.



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