Journey Through the Life of William Wilberforce, A

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Walk the fascinating pathways and historic halls of England as you retrace the steps of legendary abolitionist and staunch Christian man of faith William Wilberforce. This full-color, unique guide to Wilberforce’s life is a great tool for anyone interested in the life of this amazing man. It includes descriptions of his work on behalf of social justice issues like slavery and the end of poverty, as well as his many achievements, portraits of him and his contemporaries, and photographs of historic sites in England. Intended for a general audience, this fascinating book is great for anyone wanting to learn more about this man known as the friend of humanity.

Pages: 128

Pages: 128



Tapestry of Grace:

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Reformation in England was the focus of William Wilberforce’s life as he sought to end slavery there. This little book is resplendent with full-color pictures and good detail in the text. The author, Kevin Belmonte, was the leading scholar for the movie, Amazing Grace.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Read for 3 weeks in Unit 1.



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