Latin Alive! Book Three


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The 16 weekly chapters begin with a Latin motto of a college or university and end with a reading that includes history of about that reading, information on Latin literature, and multiple-choice questions. Every chapter includes one or more readings with an explanation of the phrases in the reading, as well as a glossary and comprehension questions. The beginning of the book contains a helpful weekly schedule so you’ll know how to plan.

Grammar instruction includes an in-depth study of the subjunctive mood, irregular nouns, noun and verb reviews, the gerund and gerundive, impersonal verbs, conditional statements, and a study of different kinds of clauses.

Pages: 288

Pages: 288



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Latin Alive! Book 3 (Student Edition) includes lessons on Roman culture, myths, and history, as well as Latin readings and exercises that will prepare students for the National Latin Exam and an Advanced Placement Latin course. It also features original Latin writings.



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