Marven of the Great North Woods


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When the great influenza epidemic strikes Duluth, Minnesota, in 1918, Marven’s parents know they must send their son far away to keep him safe from the disease. So the ten-year-old boards a train headed for a logging camp, not knowing if he will ever see his family again. In the great north woods, Marven finds a new world of towering trees, endless expanses of snow, and lumberjacks as big as grizzly bears. He feels very alone among the enormous woodsmen–until he meets Jean-Louis, the burliest jack of all, and they become fast friends.

Pages: 48

Pages: 48



Tapestry of Grace:

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A true story of a small Jewish boy and a bearish French-Canadian lumberjack . . . and how they became friends under the most unusual circumstances.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Your students will read this for 1 week in Year 4 Unit 1.
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