Medieval Life

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Medieval Life is a compelling introduction to the people and culture of the Middle Ages. Superb color photographs of artifacts, costumes, furniture, and buildings bring daily life in Medieval Europe vividly to life.

Explore the magnificent tournaments of the royal court, the bustling streets of a developing town, how the feudal system worked, and much more. Find out how monks decorated holy books with real gold, see how cathedrals were built, and discover the power held by the medieval church over the people.

Pages: 72

Pages: 72



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Be an eyewitness to medieval Europe: see what life was like in the royal court, a country manor, a developing town, and more. Just like other DK books you may encounter, there are an abundance of illustrations and their captions, as well as a paragraph of text on each double page spread. A clip-art CD and poster are also included.




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