Paradise Lost


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From almost the moment of its publication in 1667, Paradise Lost was considered a classic. It is difficult now to appreciate how audacious an undertaking the epic represents, and how astonishing its immediate and continued success was. Over the course of twelve books John Milton wrote an epic poem that would “justify the ways of God to men,” a mission that required a complex drama, the source of which is both historical and deeply personal. While the struggle for ascendancy between God and Satan is played out across hell, heaven, and earth in the work, the consequences of the Fall are all too humanly tragic, with pride, ambition, and aspiration being the motivating forces.

Pages: 317

Pages: 317

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Tapestry of Grace:

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New edition of this classic poem from Milton. Includes a new introduction and on-page notes to explain the poem’s language and allusions.

  • Lucerna Academy families: Use this book for 5 weeks in British Literature, 5 weeks in Year 2 Rhetoric Literature, and 5 weeks in Year 2 Honors Rhetoric Literature.
  • Tapestry of Grace families: Use for 3 weeks in Unit 3 of Year 2.
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