Phantom Tollbooth, The


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This book tells the story of a bored young boy named Milo who unexpectedly receives a magic tollbooth one afternoon and, having nothing better to do, drives through it in his toy car, transporting him to the Kingdom of Wisdom, once prosperous but now troubled. There, he acquires two faithful companions and goes on a quest to restore to the kingdom its exiled princesses—named Rhyme and Reason—from the Castle in the Air. In the process, he learns valuable lessons, finding a love of learning. The text is full of puns and wordplay, such as when Milo unintentionally jumps to Conclusions, an island in Wisdom, thus exploring the literal meanings of idioms.

Pages: 256

Pages: 256

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Tapestry of Grace:

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Youngsters will enjoy reading this “journey through a land where Milo learns the importance of words and numbers provides a cure for his boredom.” There are lots of plays on words as Milo travels to Dictionopolis and encounters the Whether Man, a Which, Rhyme and Reason, and other interesting characters.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Read for 2 weeks.
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