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Discover the forgotten strategies that are no longer taught in other phonics programs let alone private or public schools. Play ‘n Talk will teach your child to read and spell up to a college level! 






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Welcome to Play ‘n Talk! They have been producing excellent readers and spellers for 59 years. Most 4 and 5-year-olds will read at a 5th grade level after 1 year of using Play ‘n Talk.  Once you complete the entire program as laid out, your child will read and spell at a college level.

You don’t have to do any lesson planning, because EVERY lesson is already done for you! All you have to do is follow the simple daily schedule. Your child will listen to the teacher on the MP3’s, and then play fun reinforcement games and activities.  The entire program has 217 audio recorded lessons.
Here’s what’s included:
  • Sing ‘N Sound: It’s the first ten lessons put to song. You use the 26 study alphabet flashcards (large 6″ square).
  • Wall & Manuscript Charts: A 19″ X 25″ giant phonics wall chart and a 7″ X 25″ manuscript alphabet chart
  • Series 1-4 Student Books
  • Amplified Instructor’s Manual
  • Flash Card Pattern Book
  • Riddles ‘N Rhyme: 95 fun riddles with an accompanying audio approximately 20 minutes in length
  • Spell Lingo: Twenty-four games similar to Bingo that children use past the basic level of Play N Talk.
  • Slide ‘N Sound: This is an excellent hand-on skill builder that will empower your children to create words. This skill builder also is a help to children who struggle with word or letter reversal problems.
  • Ring ‘N Key: this is the only typing tool that which uses rings and matching stickers to teach your child how to type correctly.


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