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Peter Connolly does what he does better than anyone–he rebuilds the past in words and pictures, allowing us to imagine what it was like to live in old Pompeii. Like an archaeological detective, he sifts through the ruins and artifacts to reconstruct one area of the town in minute detail. With maps and cross-sections, photographs, drawings, and engrossing, fact-filled text, Connolly takes us into the very homes of its citizens–into the kitchens, atriums, bedrooms and out into the gardens. We learn what the furniture looked like, how the homes were lighted and heated, what kind of jewelry was popular, and what the gladiators wore. We view the varied styles of architecture and decoration, attend a grand dinner party, visit local shops, go to the theater, to a public bath, and to the gladiators’ arena. We gain an understanding of this ancient civilization, and begin to see how much was lost when the city fell prey to the tons of lava and ashes that fell on it during the devastating disaster.

Pages: 80

Pages: 80



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Peter Connolly provides a comprehensive look at the ancient city of Pompeii. Students will learn how Pompeii was destroyed, how Mount Vesuvius became an active volcano, what happened during the eruption, and more! Helpful text and pictures allow students to imagine what it was like to live in old Pompeii.

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