Popular Culture: 1940-1959

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What was “skiffle”? How did technology impact the look and design of everyday things during these years? Disney and drive-in theaters, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe, this is the era where popular culture really comes into its own! It’s also the era where a TV set might find its home in the living room of an average family. Find out how fashion, music, and movies changed and developed after WWII, and how the Cold War also had an influence.

Pages: 64

Pages: 64



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Each book in this series tells about music, print media, architecture, and fashions of the twenty-year span.

  • Lucerna Academy families: Use this book or A Dream of Freedom for 3 weeks in Year 4 Dialectic History class.
  • Tapestry of Grace families: This is one of the replacements for both Modern History in Pictures and Idiot’s Guide to the Twentieth Century.  Use for 3 weeks.


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