Scopes Trial, The: A Photographic History

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It was a big story in a small place. During the summer of 1925, the tiny hamlet of Dayton, Tennessee, became the setting for one of the most controversial trials in American history. In a move designed partly as a publicity scheme and partly as a means to test a newly enacted anti-evolution law, a young teacher named John Thomas Scopes agreed to be arrested for teaching Darwin’s theory of natural selection in the public schools. The resulting courtroom showdown pitted Clarence Darrow, the brilliant trial lawyer and self-proclaimed agnostic, against Williams Jennings Bryan, three-time presidential candidate and fundamentalist Christian. For twelve days all eyes focused on Dayton as a spirited public debate unfolded.

Pages: 88

Pages: 88



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Published on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Scopes trial, this book vividly recalls that famous episode through an array of fascinating archival photographs, many of them never before published. Images of the circus-like atmosphere that overtook Dayton, Tennessee during the trial alternate with candid photos of the key players. The accompanying text and captions summarize the events and clarify the underlying issues of the trial. While the legal consequences of the trial were minuscule?it ended in Scopes’s conviction, which was later overturned on a technicality, its symbolic importance was enormous, defining the science-religion debate in the twentieth century.

  • Lucerna Academy families: This book is used 1 week in Year 4 Dialectic History class.
  • Tapestry of Grace families: This book is a replacement for The Scopes Trial by Renee Graves and is used for 1 week in Year 4.



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