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Siddhartha is one of the great philosophical novels. Profoundly insightful, it is also a beautifully written story that begins as Siddhartha, son of an Indian Brahman, leaves his family and begins a lifelong journey towards Enlightenment. On the way he faces the entire range of human experience and emotion: he lives with ascetics, meets Gotama the Buddha, learns the art of love from Kamala the courtesan, and is transformed by the simple philosophy of the ferryman Vasudeva whose wisdom comes not from learned teachings but from observing the River.

Pages: 118

Pages: 118



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First published in 1922, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha is the tale of a young Indian priest who searches for personal enlightenment throughout his life. Although steeped in the mysticism of Hindu traditions, this classic is, above all, about Siddhartha’s search for independence from all teachings and freedom from all earthly knowledge. Siddhartha struggles with ignorance, prayer, loyalty, friendship, and desire during his quest for the essence of human existence, all the while seeking to understand truth through his experiences.

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  • Tapestry of Grace families: Use for 1 week in Year 4 Unit 3.
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