Spend the Day in Ancient Greece


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Guides kids step-by-step through 30 fun activities, from learning to write in Greek to preparing a Greek feast. All activities are framed within a story about a fictional family in Athens and their celebration of a special day. Includes sidebars filled with fun historical facts, plus plenty of illustrations in one irresistible book.

Pages: 128

Pages: 128



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It is over two thousand years ago in Athens, Greece, and you are invited to join a typical family as they celebrate the birthday of the goddess Athena. Celebrate the history of ancient Greece with more than a dozen exciting activities! Write a letter using the Greek alphabet. Make a snake bracelet as a gift for a friend. Create masks to wear in your own play. Build a chariot that you can race on the sidewalks of your town! And at the end of your day, bring your own family together with Alexander, Helen, Philip, and Penelope to enjoy a feast under the stars!

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