Tales of Persia: Missionary Stories from Islamic Iran


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News from the Middle East finds us wherever we live in today’s world. Children often wonder about this far-removed land, while parents struggle to teach their children about Islam. Tales of Persia is a timely book of missionary tales that will teach readers about Islam and encourage a new generation of Christians.

Pages: 163

Pages: 163



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Here’s one review about this book, from Roger Greenway, the editor of Samuel Zwemer’s Islam and the Cross: Tales of Persia is a gem that I want my grandchildren to read. Much that we hear about Iran is frightening. Here we learn about another side–children, moms and dads, shepherds, sick people–and missionaries who take risks to bring healing and news about Jesus to Iranian people. The contagious love of God for Iranians shines through on every page.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Chronologically this fits into Unit 1, but understanding the challenges that missionaries face is one that did not change as time passed. Use for a read-aloud for 3 weeks.
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