Teresa of Calcutta: Serving the Poorest of the Poor


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Agnes and her family lived in Macedonia in eastern Europe. Agnes eagerly read letters by missionaries from faraway places. She especially enjoyed the letters from Calcutta, India. Eventually Agnes arrived in Calcutta where she taught young, well-to-do girls. They knew her as Sister Teresa. She not only helped the poor; she became one of them. She told the girls she trained, “We will pattern our lives after their poverty. We are poor by choice. We want to be poor like Christ, who, being rich, chose to be born and live and work among the poor.”

Pages: 172

Pages: 172



Tapestry of Grace:

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A biography of the founder of the Missionary Sisters and Brothers of Charity, known for her work with the destitute and dying in the streets and slums of Calcutta and other cities.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Read for 3 weeks.
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